The Legend of the Cowboy -
Saddles, spurs and sweat….

Highlighted at the upcoming
Yuma Antique Show & Sale


The Legend of the Cowboy is one of mystique ruggedness. From as early as late 1800’s, the Cowboy has caught the imagination of both young and old with many stories told and retold.


The word “Cowboy” first appeared in the English language around 1725, appears to have come from the word “vaquero”, a Spanish word for a person who managed cattle on horseback. Though the name’s popularity was enhanced in the US, the traditional cowboy began with a Spanish tradition that evolved over the years in what we know today as Mexico and the Southwestern United States.


Through this evolution many items associated with the cowboy grew from practical needs and the environment in which the cowboy worked. From bandannas for mopping up sweat, to chaps for protecting legs, to rifles and pistols for warding off predators and varmits to lariats for roping and spurs for a stronger leg cue, to bridles and saddles with all the bells and whistles, the cowboy has come to develop most of the gear still used by today’s horseman.



Cold Painted Bronze Indian Chief Antique


Visit the booth of Wanda and Bob Jones to view some of the most beautiful cold-painted bronzes, some life-size, of Cowboys, Indians and Cavalrymen,
by renowned artist Carl Kauba.




While there are variations from each collectible depending upon the region from which it is from, collectors of cowboy antiques will delight in finding their specific style. Whatever your desire for cowboy memorabilia is, you can be sure to find it at the upcoming Yuma Antique Show and Sale on January 7-8, 2012.


The Yuma Antique Show & Sale proves to be a favorite among collectors and LONG-time buyers! The show continues to produce a successful, packed building with rows and rows of quality antiques and collectibles of all kinds!


This year, you're sure to see some rare collections as the dealers have brought their most unique and quality items to the Civic Center.

Primitives Early American


Or check out Betty McDonald’s and Bob Minor’s booth both specializing in Early American items such as primitives, small oak furniture, mercantile, sun purples glass, lighting and cast iron.




And as always, there will be a silent auction that will benefit the Yuma County Historical Society, an organization dear to the hearts of many as they maintain the rich heritage of the community. Since 1963, the organization's main focus has been in the collection and interpretation of local history. Today it also serves the programs of the Rio Colorado Chapter of the Arizona Historical Society by helping with fundraiser and special events so that operating funds can support the Yuma Museum and library.


While at the show, you'll be able to gain more information about the Yuma Historical Society as you browse the many isles of fabulous antiques. You'll find some of the best choice Antiques, Collectibles & Decorative Arts selected and presented by many outstanding Antique Dealers from all over the United States.

This is a great year to buy Antiques, as they're one item that's sure to go up in value. Treasures of the past make for great future investments that are tangible assets. There's something for everyone and something in every price range.


The Yuma Antique Show and Sale- Yuma Civic Center, 1440 Desert Hills Drive, Yuma, Arizona
Sat 9a-5p, Sun 10a-4p. General Admission $3 Seniors $2.
For more information call 602-717-7337